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Badboyz Bail Bonds

Badboyz Bail Bonds is a reputable company with superb customer service. For over ten years now we have been helping families in South Carolina release their families from custody and reunite them.   Our goal is to maintain and enhance our position as the best Bail Bond Company for all of our clients.

We help our clients show up for their court dates by providing you with all the necessary information concerning your loved one’s court appearances.

We can provide the services you need in the entire state of SC in a manner to best match your financial situation and the nature of the offense you are charged with.


Badboyz Bail Bonds secures the quick release of your loved one with friendly and professional services. We are ready to serve you 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Regular Asked Questions

* What do I need to get someone out of jail? 

In order to bond a defendant out, you will need a deposit and cosigner. 

* What percentage do you charge? 

We don't have a set percentage we notigoate based on what you can offer. All bonds must have a deposit paid before bond can be sent for approval and signed. 

* What is a Cosigner and what are the requirements to            cosign?

A Cosigner is someone who is connected to the Defendant and willing to make sure the Defendant do everything they are suppose to do. A Cosigner must be over the age of twenty-five and employed for at least a year. 

* Do you all handle GPS Monitors and Alcohol monitors? 

Yes we do handle Ankle monitors but not Alcohol monitors. GPS monitors are provided by National Pre-trail Services. 

* How much does Ankle Monitors cost?

Ankle Monitors requires a $300 deposit and $300 a week. A Credit or Debit card is required on file for payments before monitor can be sent for approval.

* What about Child Support, PR Bonds,                  Immigration or Federal Bonds? 

We do not handle any of those types of bonds. For more information contact the County's Clerk of Court.

* How do I make my payment?

Defendant can come into the office and make payment via cash (Please bring correct change), debit card, or money order. Defendant can also pay via Cashapp, go to the contact page and enter defendant portal. 

* How can Defendants check-in?  

Defendants can go to the "Home" page of the website to call your local office. Defendants can also go to the "Find an Agent" page and email their agent. For new defendants talk to your agent to see what their preferred method of check-in.

* What happens when my case ends?  

When a Defendant's case is disposed, the Defenddant must bring in a copy of their disposition form to their agent to be discharged. If the Defendant has a past due balance, that balance has to be paid tothe agent. 

* When my case gets disposed, do I get a refund? 

We do not give refunds.
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