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Immigration Bail Bonds

What Is An Immigration Bond?

An immigration bond is a payment that is used as a guarantee that someone who has been charged with an immigration crime will attend all of their court hearings if released from immigration detention. The bail amount is generally set by an immigration agent or judge. In addition, if the person charged with the immigration crime fails to attend any mandated court hearing, the funds paid are taken and are not returned.

Are Immigration Bonds Given To Everyone Detained For Immigration Crimes?

Yes, unless the detainee has previously been charged and ordered to be deported but failed to oblige. In this case, the detainee will not have an immigration bond option as their access to such is suspended by the prior court order. In addition, if the detainee has a special criminal conviction or a history of missing hearings, they will also not receive a bail bonds option.

What Goes Into Determining The Value Of An Immigration Bail Bond?

In general, we consider three things when determining the value of your immigration bond:

  1. The danger the detainee presents to the community.

  2. The threat the detainee presents to national security.

  3. How much of a flight risk the detainee presents.

Who Actually Pays The Bond?

Bonds may be paid by anyone with a legal status that has the funds available to pay the entire value of the bond. The persons who provide the funds are considered obligors and are eligible to receive their money back, in full if the detainee attends all of their mandatory hearings. This payment is made at the Immigration and Customs Enforcement offices.

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